29 April 2020

Chaos Engineering Webinar: how to organize the crash test of your IT infrastructure?

It is impossible to predict all the problems that may arise. Chaos Engineering proposes a holistic approach by voluntarily creating breakdowns (sometimes in production) in order to test human and software responses to better predict them.

The adoption of DevSecOps has made code production more secure and efficient while fostering a collaborative environment. However, this raises new issues around security. Indeed, the human (or „chair-keyboard interface“ for SysAdmins) is not immune to errors, just as the infrastructure is not free of failures or the code is not free of bugs.

Presentation of Chaos Engineering

Industrial engineers organize crash tests in order to identify the weak points of their products. Why not adopt this approach in IT?

Breakdowns caused voluntarily and within a defined framework have the advantage that they can be controlled. Thus, the impact on the infrastructure of self-inflicted damage will always be less than that of a breakdown suffered at an inconvenient time.

Popularized by Netflix in the 2010’s, Chaos Engineering recreates extreme stress scenarios that will highlight potential flaws and the resilience of an infrastructure. Far from being a „make it or break it“ approach, it’s the way to methodically plan failure experiments in order to better prevent them.

With a logic of testing in mind, it is therefore essential to adopt a robust methodology in order to limit possible collateral damage, to draw maximum benefit from these experiments and to prepare the teams to manage a crisis situation, which is the main objective of Chaos Engineering.


To help you see more clearly, Anthony Baschenis and Adrien Henriet, experts in DevSecOps, offer you to follow their approach in a webinar around Chaos Engineering, followed by a question and answer session with the audience. You will discover:

  • A general presentation of Chaos Engineering
  • The integration of this methodology within a DevSecOps strategy
  • Key concepts
  • A report on various internal experiments
  • Full explanations of the method
  • Their vision and best practices

Anthony Baschenis
Senior IT Consultant

Adrien Henriet
Senior IT consultant

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, May 6th at 9:30 am!

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