28 September 2018

Focus of the month – Raffaele

Portrait du mois Raffaele L SERIAL

1) Hello Raffaele, Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Raffaele (or Raff for close friends). I’m a computer engineer specialised in signal and image processing and graduated in 2016. I joined SERIAL in December of the same year as an IT Consultant.

2) Outside of work, what are your interests and hobbies?
I like movies, video games, team sports, outings with friends, and I am passionate about new technologies. I play an unusual sport called Kin-Ball and I take care of Ayuki, my ten-month-old dog :-).

3) You are also keen on new technologies such as image processing and computer vision. Can you tell us what your secrets are to maintain such a high level of knowledge?
I am fortunate to have dealt with these subjects during my studies at EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) to acquire a theoretical basis, and my curiosity has led me to want to know more and more. My main source of information is Reddit, where scientific projects and papers are published every day, which keeps me informed of the latest developments in research and industry.
So I subscribed to different categories, such as image processing, but also artificial intelligence, Big Data, and computer science in general.

4) You joined us directly at the end of your studies at EPFL in 2016. Why did you choose SERIAL?
I am a very curious person who loves to explore new things. The world of service and advice therefore appeared to be an obvious choice to satisfy these needs. Especially since this sector was complementary to my knowledge of image processing and artificial intelligence, and therefore allowed me to develop new knowledge, while leaving me the door open for a possible future return to my favourite subjects. For all these reasons, I chose SERIAL for its very broad field of expertise and for its family side.

5) You have completed your first one-year assignment in Zurich to work on the development of Client Onboarding solutions. What did this experience bring you?
This was my first real professional experience (after six months of internship in a research centre), so I was both enthusiastic and afraid of what was to come. Although the subject did not quite correspond to my initial expectations, I am finally very happy with this first experience which was very enriching. I was able to experiment with the Agile working method and get a first glimpse of the Scrum framework that I didn’t know, and I was able to learn to work with colleagues from different backgrounds.

6) Despite this first successful experience, you wanted to return to Lausanne. Did you miss the region or did you want to take up new challenges?
I felt I had learned enough from this first mission, and my curious nature pushed me to want to discover other fields and get closer to my favourite subjects. And I must also admit that I was also beginning to miss my home. ^^

7) You are now on a mission for Olympe, a swiss start-up with innovative development solutions. Can you tell us more about your work with them?
Olympe is working on a software development framework whose approach is very different from what we know today. My work consists in developing a digital integration platform for one of their customers with their development tool. The development approach is very different from what I have experienced so far and I learn a lot every day.

8) In which areas have you made the most progress since you joined SERIAL?
I have undoubtedly made the most progress in the teamwork approach!
Although I have already carried out group projects during my studies, it is not quite the same in the world of work. The stakes seem more real, the deadlines tighter and it is at times like these that you have to know how to help each other, support each other and use each other’s skills, while filling in our gaps.

9) Italian by birth, you have lived in Lausanne for more than 4 years. What do you enjoy most in this region?
What I like best about Lausanne is its long stretch of lake, whose magnificent view can be seen from almost the entire city, thanks to its elevation of more than 500m. I dream of having my own house on the shores of Lake Geneva in St-Sulpice: -). 

10) Last but not least, you play kin-ball, a sport that is still unknown. How did you discover this unusual sport?
I discovered Kin-Ball thanks to my sports teacher in the „Gymnase“ (the equivalent of the High-School in most European countries). It is played by three teams of four players with a 1.20m ball on a 20m x 20m square and it promotes maximum team spirit and cohesion. When I discovered that there was a club in Lausanne I tried, I loved it, and I have been practicing it for more than 2 years.

The HR Opinion:

Nicolas Revol SERIAL

Raffaele is a talented computer engineer who graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in 2016. His university studies and his professional experience have enabled him to acquire theoretical skills in several fields, such as artificial intelligence, automatic learning, signal processing, cryptography, etc. But it was in the field of image processing and computer vision that he found a real passion.
Very flexible and with a high intellectual level, Raffaele adapts very easily to any new technology or project context.

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