3 Dezember 2018

ECM – Swiss public transport operator

Content and Process Automation

ECM - Opérateur transport public suisse Events SERIAL

Company Description

The client ​operates trams, trolleybuses and buses for the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland. The ​client’s vehicles carry about 200 millions of passengers per year.

Business Challenges

​The client wanted to replace 2 obsolete applications used to trace events occurring on their transportation network and to follow the legal cases issued from these events. Every day about 200 events are logged: accidents, failures, delays, lost objects, etc. Every year the legal department manages about 1000 cases. The client was looking for a solution to build a single point of truth about these events and to facilitate collaboration between users from all the business lines of the company.

Our Solution

We used a SharePoint based solution where a site is created for each event to store documents, photos, discussions… All the event data are displayed in this space: location, driver, vehicle, tasks, consequences, history, etc. ​K2 BPM platform handles all the processes of the application: events and legal cases lifecycles, tasks management. ​The application dashboard is customized for each department to give them the appropriate point of view they need. This dashboard allows users to search across all the events data and content.


This project lasted from May 2013 to June 2014, so about 600 days for the 1st version of the application. We are still involved in a 3-year maintenance contract (about 40 days a year).

  • July 2015: 1st phase of evolution including several new features (workload: 100 days)
  • October 2017: 2nd phase of evolution to add a communication channel to inform vehicle drivers of the impacts that events could have on their network (project load: 110 days)
  • 2017: Improvement of the event creation process for network regulators (project load: 90 days).
  • 2018 : Addition of new functionalities for the department in charge of vehicle maintenance.


  • ​1 Scrum Master
  • Up to 5 developers
    • 3 SharePoint developers
    • 1 front end developer
  • ​1 tester (QA)
  • 1 UX designer


  • SharePoint 2013 to host the events data
  • K2 to manage events process
  • JQuery and Bootstrap for the front end (being replaced by AngularJS 4)

Contract Type

We were involved in a fixed price project and application maintenance.

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