Passion, commitment, proximity and excellence since 1986.

SERIAL is a Swiss IT engineering company specialized in Digital Factory, in Content & Process Automation, in Software Development, in Digital Transformation and in IT Security.

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Our Values

We are convinced that passion, commitment, proximity and excellence are essential to offer quality work. These values have guided us since our foundation in 1986. They reflect our continuous willingness to contribute to the success of our clients and the fulfilment of our co-workers.

  • Passion

    Passion is the basis of everything we undertake! More than a job, we love what we do and this approach shared by all our teams encourages each of our co-workers to want to excel in their respective fields. Our passion motivates us to anticipate and master the latest technologies, and we seek continuous improvement in order to maintain high standards. The result is an optimal quality of service that enables us to achieve our clients' objectives by providing them with high added value.

  • Commitment

    Aiming for success in all circumstances and having a positive impact are commitments that we all hold dear. We put our years of experience, rigour and expertise at the service of our clients to enable them to achieve their objectives and exceed their initial expectations. We also invest in the satisfaction and development of our co-workers, while paying particular attention to our impact on the environment. We are therefore committed to a CSR approach in order to respect the principles of development and sustainable economy.

  • Proximity

    Close to our customers and to our partners, we listen to their needs and we respond effectively with tailored and personalised solutions. They can count on the motivation and skills of our co-workers to support them in their daily challenges and in their future projects. Our human-sized organisation coupled with a family spirit also pushes us to fulfil our employees. We enable them to progress, create and evolve with us in an environment that is conducive to their development.

  • Excellence

    Excellence drives us and reflects our constant aim to provide the best possible service to our clients. We are constantly looking for improvement, mastery of every detail and the will to surpass ourselves in order to propose innovative and adapted solutions. This requirement that we cultivate is also reflected in the selective recruitment of our co-workers. Our strict processes enable us to surround ourselves with talents with personalities, potentials and skills that can maintain the level of quality that justifies our reputation.

Our story

It is in 1986 that our adventure began:
Systems Experts, Research in Intelligence Artificial & Softwares.


Creation of SERIAL


Recruitment of the 1st co-worker

5 co-workers


Opening of offices in Switzerland

32 co-workers


Opening of the Lausanne branch

54 co-workers


Opening of the Chambéry branch

94 co-workers


Entity of the Positive Thinking Company

126 co-workers


Opening of the Zurich branch

140 co-workers


Launching of Red Cactus and World of Digit

155 co-workers


We are ready for the next steps. And you?

SERIAL, part of the Positive Thinking Company

"Together we are stronger".

This is how we could summarize our partnership with the Positive Thinking Company, a leading international group present in 9 countries, with 27 offices and 2500+ enthusiasts co-workers all around the world.

The strength of SERIAL and the "PTC" entities lies in an innovative and complementary collaborative approach where the objectives of employees, clients and partners converge for the benefit of all and the achievement of each.

Thanks to this commitment with a major Group, SERIAL is positioned as a major player in digital transformation, and can count on its complementarity with the other entities of the Positive Thinking Company to offer its customers a unique range of possibilities and solutions.
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