28 October 2019

A Marshmallow Challenge on the Lausanne teams’ agenda this lunchtime!

Marshmallow Challenge Switzerland Geneva

Study lunch breaks are one of the hallmarks of our teams and this week was no exception to the rule :-).

Our Lausanne teams benefited from a Marshmallow Challenge workshop led by Vickie, our brilliant UX Designer from World of Digits by Switzerland.

This exercise, well known to Agility enthusiasts, consists in creating a structure supported by raw spaghetti, string and scotch, to support the marshmallow. The winning team is the one that has positioned a piece of marshmallow the highest.

This brilliant initiative, marked by frank jokes, demonstrated to the participants that it is possible to go faster on your own, but that together a team goes further.

carre1 carre2 circle1 circle2 circle3 triangle1 triangle2 triangle3

Something new is coming!

We are re-inventing our ecosystem of expertise and our new identity will be unveiled very soon.