16 April 2020

Dematerialization of document flows webinar: How to establish an action plan? (case study)

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Information Governance has become a real challenge, even with a first implementation of a capture tool and/or an EDM. Retrieving a document is often difficult and sometimes unsuccessful.

If the idea of dematerializing document flows and rethinking the related business processes seems simple, the implementation is far more complex.

The dematerialization of document flows goes far beyond the simple electronic transcription of paper documents. In fact, it opens up the scope of possibilities for the use of unstructured data within the company.

In order to meet an organization’s needs, the dematerialization of document flows must be as close as possible to the use of information throughout its life cycle. It requires a detailed analysis of business processes to understand the issues at stake, the mapping of value chains as well as a classification and structuring of the data. This will lay the foundations for establishing an action plan. This plan will then define the new uses to be put in place, the rules to adopt, the tools to use and/or implement and the methodology to follow.

To help you understand this approach, Sonia Taga-Novo and Alexie Ndongo, our experts in document workflow dematerialization, offer you a case study and a demonstration with Kofax Total Agility during this webinar. You will discover :

  • The key concepts of dematerialization
  • How to streamline information management
  • The main pitfalls to be avoided in order to maximise added value
  • A demonstration

Alexie Ndongo
ECM Consultant

Sonia Taga-Novo
ECM Innovation & Solution Leader

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, April 23rd at 9:30 a.m.!

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