30 November 2018

Focus of the month – Anthony

Portrait du mois Anthony SERIAL

1) Hello Anthony, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hello everyone, my name is Anthony I am 37 years old, I have been working at SERIAL for more than 5 years. I have recently become a Project Leader at the Geneva office.

2) Outside of work, what are your interests and hobbies?
I am a technology fan, always enthusiastic about a new gadget, eager to be able to test it and study every feature. Besides that I am passionate about skiing and running.
Now I confess that being a father of two children, in recent years my hobbies have often been replaced by Kapla constructions or reruns of Sam the fireman… 🙂 

3) What was your background before joining us? 
After a Technology Degree, I joined a company specialised in audio conferencing where I had the chance to work on specialised projects, and to be coached by passionate directors.
5 years later, the desire to discover new horizons led me to Sydney, where I started my experience in IT services. After the birth of our daughter on the spot, we decided to get closer to our families while trying to keep the enriching side of expatriation, hence our arrival in Switzerland and my debut at SERIAL.

4) You who come from the South of France and who had taken advantage of the Australian climate, how did you feel about adapting to life in the mountain region?
I’m indeed originally from Montpellier and straight from Sydney, my climatic habits have been somewhat disrupted ^^. However, I am a passionate skier and hiker and the transition was therefore rather smooth (despite the second winter which was the wettest winter I have ever known).
Today, I find in the region a very good balance of life, a splendid setting, an unbeatable proximity to the ski resorts, and I still stay 4 short hours from a weekend in the South in case of lack of sunshine 🙂 .

5) How was your integration into SERIAL at the time?
Very fast, since from the first day of my arrival at SERIAL I started a long-term assignment with a client.
Despite everything, the good mood of the SERIAL employees, the listening and availability of the managers and the administrative team, the Afterwork outings allowed me to appreciate the values of SERIAL.

6) You are today a recognised Project Leader after starting as a Consultant with us. How do you look at your evolution?
I’ve been hired as a senior consultant and the first projects I worked on brought me a lot from every point of view, with major technical challenges, fixed price commitments, project and team management.
As the missions and the trust that was placed in me grew, I was involved in all phases of the projects, collecting needs, defining the architecture, carrying out and monitoring projects, putting them into production, and providing support. My responsibilities have therefore extended well beyond my original role as a consultant. This involvement has allowed me to take a step back and acquire skills that are now useful to me in my role as Project Leader.

7) In which areas have you made the most progress since you joined SERIAL?
In a multitude of areas that I partly cited in the previous answer. But the relational aspect is one of the ones I remember most. As I have been given responsibilities, I have had to broaden my pragmatic and Cartesian spirit as a developer, in order to be able to interact and share my vision of things with people from different worlds than mine.

8) Your role exposes you to having to manage sometimes difficult projects. What is your approach to managing these contentious situations?
Although each case is different, it often appears that these situations result from misunderstanding or lack of communication.
The causes of a dispute are in some cases difficult to determine. Listening and understanding these causes is essential.
Once the causes have been determined and communication restored, my Cartesian spirit takes over: take each point one by one, and propose an appropriate solution.

9) You are discreet by nature. How do you feel about your role as Project Leader, which involves leading teams?
I’m discreet but nonetheless passionate when it comes to sharing and confronting my convictions.
Leading teams while taking into account the different personalities, opinions, sensitivities of each one implies for my part a constant adaptation / questioning that I find very enriching.

10) You are also Scrum-Master certified. Has this role changed the way you approach project management?
This role and more generally the Scrum methodology, have given me a lot about how to communicate, manage a project or a team. To give an example, the continuous improvement implemented in Scrum is for me one of the most beneficial parts of a project: Taking a step back, reviewing what has worked and what has not, questioning yourself, never stopping improving is very important. On this point, among others, the role of Scrum-Master helped me a lot on how to understand and structure these sessions.

11) Finally, you are one of our great athletes since you run famous seedlings and marathons every year. What is your program for 2019?
Today nothing defined! But running a marathon under the sun at midnight during the Midnight Sun Marathon in Tromso is very tempting for me ^^ ^! Running is not always the most fun thing, but this kind of event, the conditions, the atmosphere of the race make it a unique moment that I love.

The HR opinion:

Nicolas Revol SERIAL

Anthony is a computer engineer who has become a recognized Project Leader over his 13-year career. He has also had the opportunity to work on his latest projects as a technical and functional Project Manager to ensure compliance with best practices and the implementation of viable and sustainable enterprise architectures and software solutions.

Anthony is a determined and passionate collaborator, capable of integrating into a project team as well as working in total autonomy. Through his experiences he has been accustomed to adapting and working for clients with very high requirements and constraints (both technical and political or security).

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