27 March 2018

Focus of the month – Cédric

Portrait du mois Cédric C SERIAL

1) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hello everyone. I am 40 years old, I have a child of 7 years old and I am Technical Leader at SERIAL Chambéry for almost a year.

2) Outside of work, what your interests and hobbies are?
I am a “homebody” and I do not go out very often. All my interests are oriented geek: software development, video games, electronics etc… I discovered programming in BASIC on Commodore 64 at the age of 8, and since, this passion for development has never left.

3) What was your background before joining us?
I have a relatively classical course for an IT passionate since I did a preparation for advanced mathematics in Lyon followed by a computer engineering school (ESSI) in Sophia-Antipolis. I then did my final internship in Annecy where I finally stayed 15 years designing and developing a BPM tool and file transfer solutions.

4) Our Agency in Chambéry has the reputation of being composed of very united and tight teams; can you tell us how your integration was?
The ritual of integration in Chambéry consists in going to eat the famous “Vincent’s diots sandwiches” (the diot is a sausage from Savoy region cooked with white wine and onions).
I survived this test and was then accepted into the group 🙂 . More seriously, I’ve indeed been very well received despite the fact that I was working on another project than the team in place at the time of my arrival.

5) You are characterised by a very strong technical expertise, can you tell us what are your secrets to maintain such a sharp level of knowledge?
I have always loved to learn. I can spend whole evening doing tutorials, reading ebooks on old technologies like on new ones. Unfortunately, I forget very quickly. If I could remember everything I study, I would be a bible of computing 🙂 .

6) Your role of Technical Leader involves managing a team. You who are shy of nature, how do you live this new role of Manager?
I’m lucky to have come across a compassionate team and a tolerant client 🙂 .
More seriously, it’s true that I’m a reserved person. I earn the trust of others by proving my skills and listening to what people ask me. I let time to do its work, and generally, it’s going well.

7) What do you appreciate the most in your work today?
I’m lucky to work on a project on the cutting edge of current technologies (including Angular 5). New challenges are to be faced every day, both technical and business.

8) Many positions are now available in our Agency Chambéry. What would you say to those who wish to join us?
I would highlight the quality of life between lake and mountains but it is not all yet.
The agency is in full development and we really feel the participation in the SERIAL’s adventure. The software factory is also the ideal place for those who want to implement the best development practices.

9) To finish, your colleagues in Chambery are eager to know when you will finally make them a demonstration of your talents as a guitarist. Can you announce them a date?
It is true that in my youth, I was part of several groups and I played a lot of concerts in bars and during events.
However my guitar is now in the closet for over 10 years, and I hesitate to ridicule myself in front of the young and talented guitarists of the agency 🙂 .One day maybe!

The HR opinion:

Nicolas Revol SERIAL

Cédric is an extremely talented development engineer who is passionate about his job and about the innovation around it.
Efficient in complex project situations where a lot of analytical rigor and thought is needed, he has acquired a deep expertise and an important business understanding. His personality and skills make Cédric a highly appreciated Technical Leader, both by his peers and his clients.

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