29 November 2017

Focus of the month – Eric

Portrait du mois Eric SERIAL

We are pleased to welcome this week Emma B., 13 years old, who joins us for an observation internship.
Daughter of Eric, our Digital Factory Solution Owner, she questioned her father for this new edition of our Focus of the Month.

1) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello. I’m Eric, I’m 40 and I’ve been working for SERIAL for 3 years and a half. I’m the Digital Factory Solution Owner, a role I also lead at the Positive Thinking Company.

2) Outside of work, what are your interests and hobbies?
I love to travel with my family, and I’m very interested in everything related to personal development.
The practice of physical activity is also important and I like running, skiing, and the green spaces typical of our lands.

3) What was your background before joining SERIAL?
I’ve been for 7 years the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of a company that I founded in 2007 and which revolved around projects like Patients-Records and clinical studies. SERIAL was then one of our providers.
In 2014, I wanted to give new incentive to my career and the choice of SERIAL appeared as evidence. I knew the seriousness and the expertise of the company. I also knew that I could continue to learn, develop additional qualities, and take up new challenges. It was not very difficult to be convinced when I received a proposal from Philippe (our CEO).

4) What is today your role at SERIAL and at the Positive Thinking Company? 
I manage for the whole group the Innovation and the pre-sales of the Digital Factory.
I also consider that I have the duty to permit to our consultants and clients to improve and progress their skills.

5) How do you feel about the evolution of SERIAL since your arrival 3 ½ years ago? 
SERIAL has become more opportunistic and dynamic over the years.
The merger with the Positive Thinking Company also permitted us to benefit from a reputation and recognition on a European scale. Today, we have access to new customers and new challenges and that makes our work even more exciting, and full of new opportunities.
Development of our HR structure also permits to increase the inflow of bright professionals which further enhance our expertise and excellence.

6) What do you appreciate the most in your work today?
I like the international dimension and the impact of my work with our clients.
New European projects represent new playgrounds and new challenges that fascinate me.
The work atmosphere is also a factor that I enjoy every day.

7) You have a key role in the innovation at SERIAL, what are your secrets to imagine new solutions?
All depends of the technological watch. I’m 40 years old, and I watched a lot 🙂 .
There is no secret, just curiosity.

8) You are very discrete, it’s not too difficult to promote your pole and your solutions with consultants and customers?
I consider myself as an introverted person; therefore I had to step outside my comfort zone to improve my verbal communication.
This progress has not been made naturally and still requires a lot of efforts.

9) What advices would you give to my college’s classmates who want to work in IT industry later?
Do not hesitate to choose this path and start early!
IT represents the future and will be a source of great opportunities. You must be curious from the youngest age. Do not hesitate to experiment, to try, and make mistakes!

10) Last but not least, do you have anything to add?
Whatever your age or your function is, never be lenient with yourself. Progress requires a constant desire to always want to learn. 

Emma’s opinion:

Having seen my dad in his work environment really amused me!
He’s at the office as I know him every day. He’s very involved, serious, and looks for the excellence for him and his colleagues. Having seen him working at SERIAL also permitted me to better understand what really his job is (he’s not only doing Power-Point presentations 🙂 ).

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