29 October 2018

Focus of the month – Igor

Portrait du mois Igor SERIAL

1) Hello Igor, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Good morning, everyone. I have been working for 15 years at the Savoie Technolac site as an engineer. I joined SERIAL France when it was created 2 years ago ½.
Today, I am Proxy Product Owner of a team of our sFactory for the main client based in French-speaking part of Switzerland.

2) Outside of work, what your interests and hobbies are?
For the past two years, I have been working on renovating my house, and in my spare time, I do a lot of sports. Parachuting and paragliding in summer and of course skiing in the winter! The region is a great playground!
I also like to get out of my daily life and discover other cultures through travel.

3) What was your background before joining us? 
After having had a Master II at the University of Savoy, I lived the entrepreneurial adventure for 12 years. After this very enriching experience, I joined other companies with various activities (publishing, education,…) before joining SERIAL in 2016.

4) You were the first to join our Chambery branch to launch the SERIAL France adventure in 2016. How did you approach this challenge at the time? 
It was a great challenge for me to start the SERIAL France adventure. Taking over the premises, creating the link with the client, integrating the newcomers… This allowed me to learn a lot in a very short time, both on a human and professional level. This experience was rich and remains a great memory 🙂 !

5) Since your arrival, the agency has grown to 28 people. How do you see the evolution of SERIAL France?
SERIAL France continues to grow. Despite a significant increase in the number of employees, we are committed to maintaining a friendly and caring spirit. Many of us in the agency run or climb for lunch, and it’s another way to get to know each other!

6) As a Project Leader, what aspect of your work do you enjoy most?
As a Project Leader, I particularly appreciate the technical support aspect for the team, but also the interface aspect with the client. Linking the team and the client to achieve the objectives together is very motivating. I learn a lot from everyone.

7) You manage a project team of 3 people. How do you feel about this role of Manager?
I think I have found my place as a manager. But, it is true that leadership is not something to be taken for granted. How can we give meaning to our work? How to motivate the team? How to get people to adhere and be cohesive? Here are some questions that feed me every day and allow me to continually question myself.

8) In which areas have you made the most progress since you joined SERIAL?
I am surrounded by very good technical Leaders in Chambéry and we often challenge each other to solve technical problems. I am making great progress with them.
I also developed skills in the knowledge of the business lines and in the specificity of the banking sector. Overall, I would say that I like my job, because through it, I discover others.

9) There are still vacancies in our Chambéry branch. What would you say to those who want to join us?
Simply come : -) !! 
For the atmosphere, for the working environment, for the magnificent region but also for all the professional experiences that await you!

10) Last but not least, you are also a real freefall and thrill seeker. When will you get an introduction for your co-workers?
Indeed, I practice freefall and I total about 2000 jumps. It’s a unique feeling to fall in the emptiness, I could talk to you about it for a long time… But it’s already 6pm and if I hurry, I could maybe be on the plane in 15 minutes!

The HR opinion:

Nicolas Revol SERIAL

Igor is a brilliant Senior Engineer, who has the merit of having been the first employee to embark on the SERIAL France adventure.
This risk-taking perfectly reflects his spirit as an entrepreneur who likes new challenges. Two years after his arrival, we must admit that he was right to step on this new path called SERIAL!
Methodical, he has demonstrated his motivation and professionalism since joining us and is a great help to all our teams based in France.

The SERIAL France office seen from the sky during Igor’s recent parachute jump: -) 

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Something new is coming!

We are re-inventing our ecosystem of expertise and our new identity will be unveiled very soon.