29 August 2018

Focus of the month – Laurent

Portrait du mois Laurent R SERIAL

1) Hello Laurent, Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hello, I’m Laurent, I am 32 years old and I have been working at SERIAL for 5 years. I have been a .Net developer and Scrum Master for 3 years now.

2) Outside of work, what your interests and hobbies are?
I have a little man of 2 years and a half who takes me a lot of time 🙂 . Many people within SERIAL know that I love motorcycle and car racing and that I practice karting as soon as I get free time. Otherwise, I’m always up for a little hike, travel or discover a new sporting activity!

3) What was your background before joining us?
Before joining SERIAL, I spent 4 years in a Web agency in Annecy. I had the chance to work with a team of graphic designers and I did a lot of Web and Mobile integration, Showcase Sites, and business applications. For the anecdote, I was already working with Audrey B. who is also a consultant at SERIAL.

4) You are now Scrum Master when you joined us as a developer. How do you see your career development?
My evolution has been done quite naturally, almost as a logical continuation. SERIAL trusted me when our sales team needed a technical player to take responsibility for an offer, then to take charge of a project as a whole.
Beyond the technical aspect that I already had, I had to understand the global issues and the needs of the client, taking into account its technical and its organizational constraints.
Assuming this new role of Scrum Master also allowed me to get closer to the marketing teams and to the more experienced collaborators in order to acquire the necessary knowledge of the SERIAL methodology. Their availability, know-how and advice have enabled me to progress and assume my new role with greater certainty.

5) In which areas have you made the most progress?
On all aspects! Technically, of course. But I would say that it is at the organizational and human level that I have made the most progress.
I learned that technique was only a small part of our job. Understanding the issues and outcomes of a project is above all. To achieve this, it is necessary to build an excellent relationship with our customers, in order to accompany them throughout the life cycle of a project, and even beyond!

6) How would you define your role as Scrum Master?
In my opinion, a Scrum Master is the trusted person who links the client to SERIAL and the project teams. It is the cornerstone of good communication and understanding of needs between the client and the consultants, and it must be attentive to all stakeholders in a project.
Over the years, I have realized that giving a voice to all the players (whether with the client or the teams) and encouraging exchanges was essential in order to generate new constructive ideas. People then feel involved and valued.

7) You’re now involved in bidding on tenders. How do you live this new role and what benefits do you get from it?
This role has allowed me to grow and to conceive my profession differently.
First of all, understanding clients’ problems forced me to project myself with them towards their final needs (and even beyond). The notion of advice took on its full meaning and forced me to leave my comfort zone.
Furthermore, having to decide on the most appropriate technical and organisational solution was very beneficial. I had to aggregate the knowledge and skills that make the strength of SERIAL, notably by creating close links with my colleagues. The resulting discussions go well beyond the initial need expressed and there are always relevant tips that remind me that SERIAL is a permanent stock of knowledge.
I love it!

8) How do you manage a project after ensuring its pre-sales phase?
I’d say there’s an extra motivation. When I have the chance to make the pre-sale of a project followed by its realization, I really have the impression to be the privileged interlocutor and to bear the responsibility of its success. The climate of trust that results out of it gives me the desire to invest myself fully. I perceive the project as if it were my own.

9) What is your best memory at SERIAL?
There are many. But I’d say winning my first tender was a big moment. I had put a lot of effort into writing and defending the project, then setting it up and making it a success. This success had given me a lot of confidence, pleasure and serenity :-).
Presenting my first Tech-Talk also remains a memorable experience. I am more an introvert person and having to express myself in public had forced me to better manage my stress. In the end, I enjoyed sharing and exchanging on subjects that fascinate me and I hope to repeat the experience in the future.

10) Last but not least, you are a car racing enthusiast and you are the undisputed winner of our last 4 annual karting challenges. What is your secret to always manage pressure and stay Zen, whether in your work or on a circuit?
I learned to step back from my actions, put the stressors into perspective, and take my time before taking action.
This helps me to stay calm both in my daily life and at an important meeting with a client. If you want to win a race, it is better to keep a cool head than to make a bad decision too quickly and finish in the gravel pit: -).

The HR opinion:

Nicolas Revol SERIAL

Laurent is a senior developer and Scrum Master with significant experience in website and web application design and development. He has always demonstrated his flexibility and learning abilities by adapting regularly and successfully to new technologies. Laurent has developed his skills over the years, which today allows him to manage pre-sales phases and lead the realization of projects. His seriousness and reliability earned him the recognition of his colleagues and our clients.

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