30 April 2018

Focus of the month – Lionel

1) Hello Lionel, Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hey, readers. My name is Lionel and I have been working at SERIAL for a year and a half as an Appway developer.
Outside of work, I think I’m open minded and jovial.

2) What was your background before joining us?
After my high school graduation, I immediately wanted to combine work and studies.
I first completed 2 years of Technology degree in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computer Science at L’Oreal Paris as an instrumentation technician.
I then completed 3 years of training as an engineer in Electronics and Telecommunications at PSA Peugeot Citroen. I also made a productive version of the gearshift indicator.
I finally moved into IT by joining Robert Bosch France for four years as an IT developer in the automotive field.

3) How was your integration at SERIAL?
My integration was accomplished in 2 phases.
I started with a first long-term assignment in Zurich where SERIAL just opened its new Office. It was therefore not easy for me to integrate teams of the Geneva Agency of which I am a member.
The situation much improved when I participated in many events which were organised by the company and which allowed me to get to know everyone!

4) You are one of our most talented Appway experts. How was your transition from Java developer to Appway developer?
I don’t know if it’s my talent or the strong demand 🙂 .
Appway is now strongly present on the Swiss market. The banking sector is constantly changing, and the demand for this solution is high (and that is unlikely to change!).
I think clients like working with me because I bring them advice and expertise. I also always try to find a compromise if their request is too ambitious or too expensive.
I have had no difficulty becoming an Appway developer because I am convinced that this solution is suitable for someone who prefers business constraints to technical constraints. The transition to this development method is simple and natural for someone with object-oriented knowledge.

5) What is your best memory at SERIAL?
Undeniably the last Christmas party! Meeting my colleagues from all the agencies in a setting other than that of the job with such a warm atmosphere was a strong moment. The dance floor has warmed up as it should and I hope we will be even more numerous next year to make our dancing talents speak!

6) Outside of work, what your interests and hobbies are?
I love football (PSG, of course), music, evenings watching TV and going out with friends and colleagues (even if I’d like to do even more !!!).
I also enjoy travelling, skiing and discovering this region, which offers so many possibilities and things to discover…

7) As a ski and winter sports enthusiast, you don’t regret coming to the region?
It is true that living close to the mountains immediately attracted me when I had the opportunity to come and work in Switzerland. There are plenty of resorts in the region and it is a paradise for skiers!!
I was able to do some sessions with my colleagues from Zurich and Geneva and I still have some progress to make because some of them have an amazing level!

8) You impress us with your constant good mood! What’s your secret to having a smile all the time?
It is the Positive Thinking Company spirit that is not just a slogan and that we also feel everyday at SERIAL.
We are fortunate to work in an environment where we feel good. I am in a natural good mood and it is therefore easy for me to work in such an atmosphere.
This is also the case with clients where I work, and I therefore have no reason not to have the smile 🙂 .

9) Last but not least, your colleagues often argue with you about your particular TV taste… When’s a night at your house to change their minds?
Yes, we have a tough love between colleagues and there is a lot of persons who tease… 🙂 .
It is true that I prefer more authentic French productions to American blockbusters. I find them more realistic and addictive.
I’ll be hosting a discovery TV party soon and I’m sure some of them will get addicted to the French TV series as I am!

The HR opinion:

Nicolas Revol SERIAL

Lionel is an experienced engineer and developer. His experience in industry and in highly demanding environments has enabled him to become a developer with a strong sense of service and to be very oriented towards the quality of developments he produces.
Dedicated and passionate about his profession, he is constantly learning and experimenting with new technologies. Serious, involved, and always in a good mood, he is extremely appreciated, whether by his colleagues or by his clients.

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