29 January 2018

Focus of the month – Pascal

Portrait du mois Pascal SERIAL

1) Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hello, my name is Pascal, I’m 35 years old, and I’m an IT Consultant within SERIAL since 1 year and half. If I had to briefly summarise myself, I would say that I am an agile enthusiast, Java EE developer, and a Data Science Hacker!

2) Outside of work, what your interests and hobbies are?
Learn! For several years, I’ve been passionate about everything related to Data Science. I devote much of my free time to it. I also love to spend time by asking to myself irrelevant questions, finding datasets (or creating datasets by parsing the web) and doing analysis on it. Thanks to it, I learnt for example that chicken liver is the most concentrated in good nutrients.
Otherwise, I also like the picture and improvise myself as an Ikea hacker. But I am a technician, so I don’t have good taste 🙂 .

3) What was your background before joining us?
My school curriculum is not very original since I graduated in Computer Science and Mathematics. Nevertheless, my professional career is more original. I started as a Ruby / Python developer to automate the tasks of a wealth management company. I provided a CREM and a free flow and fund values (It was nevertheless necessary to pay us). I was then Java EE developer for 3 years, then technical project manager, then Scrum Master for 4 years in a big bank, then again Java EE developer, then Agile Coach, then again Java EE developer, then Scrum Master, then…
All of these experiences represent 11 years, including 7 for one employer.  

4) You came from Paris before joining us, how did you live the adaptation to the Swiss life?
My first impression was to ask where the restaurants in Geneva were. Since, they have opened 5-6 around my home so it’s cool.
Skiing by less than a night train away has also been something highly appreciable.
Running with the Geneva Jet of Water and the mountains in background rather than the cars on the banks (although if it’s very nice by night), it’s not bad either.
I can truly say that I really appreciate my living environment on Swiss lands.

5) How have you been welcomed within SERIAL?
Super ! The welcome has been warm and I had the chance to start with an incredible project with Nicolas B., our ECM/BPM Solution Owner, and it was a perfect beginning for my integration.

6) You have the particularity to be versatile since you are both Developer and Agile Coach. How do you design your daily work?
I like both. As a developer, I see what agility can bring to the developers in terms of fulfilment. And as an Agile Developer, I take advantage of my knowledge of developments. From my point of view, the word that would bring the two together would be “facilitate”. That’s also why I’m interested in DevOps, graphic facilitation etc. 

7) How do you see your evolution within SERIAL?
I would like to do more Agile promotion. What you call versatility helps me to improve each of these two skills. From my point of view, development and Agility are just tools to facilitate the automation of tasks.

8) What do you like most about SERIAL? 
The good general atmosphere and the availability and skills of my colleagues to discuss about technical topics. SERIAL also permitted me to develop the precision of my right arm thanks to the throws of our famous blue balls in open space battles.

9) You are known at SERIAL for your famous « Chicken Dance ». Can you tell us a bit more about this?
The « Chicken Dance » is a ritual announcing the « Chicken Day ».
On Fridays, in our Geneva Agency, it’s chicken for everyone!
This weekly ritual was introduced almost a year ago and I immediately became one of the leaders of the movement. I don’t have words strong enough to describe this crispy skin smell, that sweet, round scent, taste this delicious flesh (even better when the chicken is served with its delicious sauce).

10) Last but not least, what would you say to those who would like to join us?
The atmosphere is great, and on a technical side, be sure to have fun! What could be better?

The HR opinion:

Nicolas Revol SERIAL

Pascal is a confirmed developer with a solid experience in the development of Java EE applications as well as in the implementation of data analysis solutions in R languages.
Very curious and attentive to technological developments, he is multi-certified on Agility and project management. He uses his experience and skills to facilitate the team’s work and the achievement of goals.
Real passionate about his job and 100% dedicated to the success of what he undertakes, Pascal has above all an extremely collaborative and sociable personality, which allows him to be appreciated and valued by his peers, his managers and his clients.

Pascal sends us every day a dose of good mood and energy with his smile and his outstanding professionalism.

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