30 May 2018

Focus of the month – Cristina

Portrait du mois Cristina SERIAL
Nicolas Revol SERIAL

Nicolas Revol

1) Hello Cristina, Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Hello everyone !
My name is Cristina, I am a part of the HR team and I handle sourcing and recruitment for our Lausanne Agency.

2) Outside of work, what your interests and hobbies are?
I love cooking cakes, cookies, muffins and everything what is sweet 🙂 . I also like drawing (I should get back to it), travelling, discovering and enriching myself with different cultures.

3) What was your background before joining us?
The international aspect has always attracted me. After my Baccalaureate, I went into an advanced technician’s certificate in International Trade, with an internship in Sweden, followed by a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce in England.
Afterwards, not being sure of the direction I wanted to take, I left for Australia for a year of break. This experience made me aware of my interest in people and I therefore decided to continue my studies at ESC Rennes in HR Master.

4) How did you get the idea of joining an IT consulting firm to become a recruiter?
I wasn’t particularly aiming for an IT services company because I didn’t really know this universe. I did my final internship at Evian (the company) on the other side of the lake and I fell in love with the region. When the opportunity to join SERIAL for an international volunteer program (VIE) came up, I was immediately excited by the opportunity to join a company with a family spirit that offered me great prospects.
I was initially meant to join the sales team and to do business development there.
I’ve been quickly attracted by all aspects of recruitment, the contact with different profiles, the follow-up of candidates and collaborators, and the possibility of having a positive impact on a person’s career.

5) How was your integration at SERIAL?
I encountered difficulties in finding accommodation when I arrived in Lausanne and I really appreciated to count on the support and assistance of the Management and my colleagues in this difficult stage.
More generally, all the employees immediately put me in a good mood by showing themselves available, both to explain the particularities of their jobs and to facilitate my integration in Switzerland.

6) You are not from the IT world. How did you become so quickly familiar with the very technical terms and specificities of this sector?
Indeed, I did not know the IT world before joining SERIAL and it wasn’t easy during the first conversations!
But it is this challenge that also attracted me! Discuss easily and naturally with consultants who were always available to explain their profession and different technical terms, they also helped me a lot to understand the different specificities and to have a better vision/understanding of the sector.

7) What do you enjoy most today in your job?
What I like above all is the human contact and the challenge of creating a link with the candidates. To break the ice during the first minutes of the interview, and to see the candidate join the company as a co-worker.
I also like the technological dimension which is in constant evolution, and which thus obliges me to continually renew my knowledge. All the exchanges I can have with candidates and consultants are very enriching and bring me a lot on both professional and personal level.

8) What have you learned the most since you joined us?
I have learned and grown a lot since I joined SERIAL.
I’m lucky to be part of a great and united team which supports and motivates each other, and which also shares a lot of fun!
I can also count on Nicolas, a great manager who knows how to challenge me and put me out of my comfort zone.
Since my arrival, I have obviously developed my knowledge of the sector, while gaining also more confidentiality. I am also aware that I still have to learn a lot. I still need to improve my technical skills and acquire a more global vision of the business.

9) What is your best memory at SERIAL? 
I had many wonderful times at SERIAL. But if I had to choose one, I would remember the pumpkin contest organised at the Lausanne agency for the last Halloween. We gave free rein to our imagination and the results were amazingly funny and creative 🙂 .

10) To come back to your daily life in an agency, it’s not too difficult to be a woman in an essentially male environment?
Not at all! I’d rather say that it’s quite pleasant to work in such an environment ^^. There is a great atmosphere in the Agency, there are no tricks and everyone is very natural.

11) Last but not least, do you have an anecdote to tell us about one of the candidates you interviewed?
I would perhaps retain a Swiss person having applied for our Agency of Chambéry by thinking that this city was located in Switzerland…
For the rest, I have not yet experienced an unusual situation and all the interviews take place in a natural and spontaneous way!

The opinion of her manager:

Nicolas Revol SERIAL

Cristina is a brilliant young professional who was not initially recruited to work in Human Resources, but who nevertheless excels in her new job as an IT Recruiter.
A job in which she was able to learn and experience that the human being is at the centre of any working relationship but also that a smile can be “seen”, even when someone is on the phone.

Her team, her manager and her colleagues really appreciate her, and it has nothing to do with the wonderful pastries she knows how to bake for them 🙂 !

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