2 July 2018

Focus of the month – Yves

Portrait du mois Yves SERIAL

1) Hello Yves, Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Good morning, everyone. I’m 48 years old, I’m the IoT Domain Leader at SERIAL and within the Positive Thinking Company, which is pretty good since I’ve always been a Positive Thinker!

2) Outside of work, what your interests and hobbies are?
Painting, photography, paragliding… and drones for aerial photography when it’s not possible by paragliding 🙂 !

3) You joined SERIAL in 1995, what was your background before joining us?
I studied industrial computing and automation before starting my career as a Scientist in the Air Force, and I then joined Serial in the aftermath.

4) During your 23 years within SERIAL, you have known a multitude of different roles (Consultant, Designer, Architect, Commercial, Domain Leader etc.). How do you explain this incredible flexibility?
I have always been passionate about technique and especially about how to make something interesting out of it (it’s probably my creative side!).
One of the advantages of being a consultant is that we work on various projects with different people and environments. We get richer and we learn a lot under these conditions. I think that the evolution towards different roles involves the desire to communicate and share with colleagues and clients. Be curious, take a step back from your knowledge, question it by exchanging and finally innovate with your first bases. And above all, don’t take yourself too seriously, be able to start from scratch with the desire to learn.
I don’t like looking back, but I need to synthesize and learn from past experiences.

5) You’ve been through the beginning of the Internet era. How did you perceive the digital revolution?
The evolution of society and the world of work that has taken place since the Internet is fabulous. I have always enjoyed doing technique in order to make life easier for users. The digital revolution is completely oriented towards this aspect.
The Internet has had the primary goal of sharing knowledge, exchanging and transporting information more simply. It then quickly allowed the user to « re » become nomadic: from heavy applications (running on a dedicated PC) to distributed web applications, to mobile applications, to bots… By increasing interactivity, making processes more fluid, and finally collecting usage data to analyse these interactions, we are further improving user needs. It’s a bit like control loops in automation…
And from all this was born the new fuel of digital innovation: data.

6) The tools and technologies have significantly changed since your professional beginnings. How did you always stay at the cutting edge of innovation?
I read a lot of technical media, which gives me an idea of trends and needs. After I find an interesting technology or concept, I experiment to get a clearer idea, I talk about it around me and I see what interesting things can be done with it.
I’m a big fan of « Think big, Start small, Scale fast »!

7) How do you view at the evolution of SERIAL since your arrival?
There would be a lot to say, having arrived as SERIAL’s first employee, I saw all the stages of its evolution passed! A controlled evolution without pitfalls, which has left much space for passion and innovation. I think that the common thread has always been the value of people and the quality of the work done together; the exchanges and loyalty of our customers; and keep having fun by taking up the challenges of new projects!
Today, SERIAL is growing faster. We are part of the Positive Thinking Company which opens up a wider horizon of opportunities.
However, I think that we must keep this DNA that does what SERIAL is today. Share it and exchange it with the other entities of the group to enrich ourselves with new common values. We extrapolate the initial crucible to a larger, cosmopolitan scale. It’s wonderful because there’s a chance everyone wins in the end!

8) How do you explain your loyalty to SERIAL?
Nevertheless, I left after 10 years of working in another servicing company that was moving towards open-source 🙂 . I stayed there for a year and a half, before returning to SERIAL, when Philippe (our CEO) wanted to create the poles of expertise.
Which was good because the first iPhone was there and I was convinced that the mobile app development would surely give something… Web architectures were also beginning to be implemented.
My fidelity is completely linked to the SERIAL DNA described above. It is a strength and an opportunity that I better saw from outside.

9) You must have a lot of memories here. But which is the best that comes to mind?
In the first years of SERIAL, one winter day when powder snow had fallen all night, Philippe, our CEO, offered to trade the keyboard for the skis!

10) You are today the Group’s Domain Leader on IoT expertise. How do you see the evolution of this new form of Web?
The IOT connects the physical world and the digital world. This digital evolution is completely logical, and is in line with the need to analyse uses by collecting data that is more useful.
Architectures have evolved to allow more data to be collected more quickly. On the other side: AI allows for greater analysis to drive and predict even more.
I think that the evolution of the IOT will move towards an even more physical model (edge computing), rather than collecting a lot of raw data and analysing it on the backend.
The devices (sensors, local gateways,etc.) will execute the processing as close as possible to the source of the computing data but also analysis of IA models (pre-programmed during backend learning).
The devices will thus have the ability to work disconnected, to dispatching computing power among the surrounding devices (mesh computing), and to forward only useful and relevant data to the backends. This is the counterpart of what we have been doing in recent years on Web frameworks: bringing calculation logic and autonomy back to the front/source level.

11) Last but not least, you are our oldest employee. How is the daily cohabitation going with teams that are sometimes much younger than you?
I find interesting the vision of the work of the new generations and I recognize myself in certain aspects; our daily life goes rather well and the dialogue happens naturally.
In the positive points of the new generations: I like their motivation to learn and develop quickly. I also like their way to create interest groups to share and innovate in a startup / entrepreneurship vision. I appreciate this vision based on success, recognition and competence.
But not to flatter them too much, I also admit they have flaws! I find that they show a lot of distraction and that the profiles are often more « compartmentalized » than when I was their age. I have the impression that we were a little more flexible to take a project in hand from start to finish, even if it meant pulling the cables and setting up the servers ourselves!

L’oeil de notre CEO :

Philipe Favre SERIAL

SERIAL’s success is closely linked to Yves’ career and talent.

He is first and (above all) a developer at heart, a designer, a geek, driven by an insatiable curiosity. He is also an enthusiast who has held every possible position in a service company, from development to trade.

And above all, he’s the best guarantor and representative of shared human values and friendships developed over all these years, and which make what SERIAL is today. He represents this pleasure taken to collaborate together, with a simplicity and a humility recognised by all.

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