21 May 2019

SERIAL Talks Data on Predictive Maintenance, June 12 in Zurich

SerialTalksData Predictive Maintenance

After a successful edition on Data Science last March, we are delighted to announce our next SERIALTalksData on the theme of Predictive Maintenance which will take place on Wednesday June 12 at the Impact Hub in Zurich from 6pm.

Caroline Kleist, Head of the Analytics Department of Mayato, will lead the following topic (in German):

“Predictive Maintenance: The Universal Solution for Production Companies?”

Everyone talks about predictive maintenance as a buzzword, but there are no best practices yet. What looks like a universal solution at first sight poses many (individual) challenges for companies in the next step: is there enough data available and in sufficient quality? How to integrate predictive maintenance into existing processes? And above all, how to develop significant solutions that generate real added value?

Our next SerialTalksData will explore the different possible approaches to predictive maintenance for your company, what are the typical challenges in this environment and how you can overcome them.

More information and free registration.

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