10 March 2017

[Tech-Talk] – Develop for mobiles with IONIC2 and Angular2

Tech Talk Ionic et angular 2 SERIAL

Yesterday, the second Tech-Talk of the year, entitled “Develop for mobiles with IONIC 2 and Angular 2″, took place at our Geneva offices.

Presented by Gérald Dupont and Laurent Roguet, this presentation allowed SERIAL teams to discover IONIC2, how it works, and how to start a project quickly.

IONIC is indeed the essential tool to develop mobile applications by freeing itself from the constraints and specificities of each platform.
Easy to learn, our “Angular friendly” within SERIAL have been convinced!

We would like to thank our 2 speakers for their presentation, which was widely attended from our offices in Geneva, but also from our offices in Lausanne and Chambéry thanks to a broadcast.

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