12 August 2020

Webinar « Digital Mess» : Take back control of your content.

58% of employees complain about wasted time searching for information (Serda, 2020).

Extrapolating, this gives 42% of hunting enthusiasts of the updated document version, probably stored locally on an unidentified space. That’s thousands of lost hours, a lack of control over the information and therefore a risk of loss or leakage.

That’s why we’re hosting an Information Governance webinar on Thursday, August 20. We aim to to help you manage the risk of your documents and save your entire organization time.

Webinar presentation

CRM, ERP and other digital tools of today silo information. Collaboration tools (Teams, Sharepoint, Slack…) are then the solution of facility to make information transit between tools, according to the demands.

However, they have the disadvantage of losing control of information at the risk of leaking it or losing all trace of it in a “digital mess“.

Between the cleaning of duplicate or obsolete documents, the need for legal compliance, the security of sensitive information and the increasing costs of storage and migration, the stakes are high.

Does that mean we have to reinvent everything? No, the solution is much simpler than that.

With the right methodology and the production of quality documents, it is possible to regain control over one’s information capital by automating the identification of sensitive documents.


Presented by Sonia Taga-Novo, our Information Governance expert, this 40-minute webinar, followed by 5 minutes of questions, will help you discover how to enhance your digital mess. You will attend a live demonstration of Discover, a product edited by Everteam and presented by Philippe Kerrest, Product Manager, on how to automate the identification and control of your sensitive documents.

Sonia Taga-Novo
ECM Innovation & Solution Leader

ECM Consultant and Solution Leader

Philippe Kerrest
Product Manager

We are pleased to meet you on Thursday, August 20th at 9:15 am!

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