7 August 2018

Application migration – Swiss private insurer

sFactory, Software Development

Migration assureur prive suisse IT

Company description

Our client is the oldest private insurance company in Switzerland. It is positioned as the Swiss insurer with a human face. As a company operating on a cooperative basis, we are committed to our customers, the company and Switzerland. We are therefore a sure value in the everyday life of the Swiss and contribute to the construction of the future.

Business Challenges

Our client has developed its own set of AngularJS components that are used to create the UIs of their internal applications. Convinced that Angular 4 will facilitate the development and maintenance of new applications, it was decided Angular 4 will become the new standard of our client. The challenge was to limit the migration overhead of the old applications to the new component library.

Our solution

  • ​Analyze the behavior of existing AngularJS components from source code and live examples. ​
  • Write Angular 4 components matching as close as possible the API of the old components to ease to migration of client applications.
  • ​Promote reactive programming (RxJS).
  • ​Integrate this library in a real application developed by our client to validate the migrated components and the library packaging.


This project lasted 120 days


  • ​1 Scrum Master
  • 2 Angular developers


  • Angular 4
  • AngularJS
  • CSS3
  • RxJS

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