8 June 2018

Application re-engineering – Public pension fund

Software Development

Refonte Applicate - Caisse de pension SERIAL

Company Description

The customer ​is one of the most important public pension fund in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. With more than 69’000 insured persons (23’000 are retired), it represents a wealth of more than 12 billions CHF.

Business Challenges

​As the support of the old application’s underlying technologies was coming to an end, it has been decided to rewrite the application with more recent and user friendly technologies. This process is also the perfect moment to review the business needs and to integrate an output management solution. ​ ​The solution allows loan counsellor to study the applicant financial situation. Thereafter, the application will handle the loan lifecycle : billing, payment collection, fees, document generation, etc.

Our Solution

​Our teams took the lead in the architecture design and web application development. It is composed of a single page application built with Angular 5, which is consuming ASP.NET Core APIs.

​In a near future, the goal is to generate all the documents through the output management solution, then to consolidate them in the electronic document management tools.


The project was carried out over 300 days.


The team was composed of:

  • 1 Architect
  • Web developers
  • ​C# developers


  • C# / ASP.NET Core
  • Angular 5 Single page application
  • Angular material

Contract Type

We were involved as part of a Time and Material Project.

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