6 October 2018

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Company Description

Our client ​provides Aviation Technologies for MRO customers and focuses on three main areas:

  • Delivering a positive impact on customers’ operations
  • Fully implementing a successful solution
  • Relying on a long-term relationship with their customers;

Business Challenges

The client ​not only provides professional services for successful implementation to its customers but also implements and delivers its solutions and tools. For more than 3 years now, he embarked in a journey to rewrite from scratch its current MRO platform nVision and focus on:

  • A completely redesigned experience
  • The use of the latest web technologies
  • A modular and customizable approach of its ERP implementation at its customers.

As of today, the next generation platform failed many delivery attempts regarding customers’ fit for purpose, stability and robustness and to overcome these issues,the client decided to make a complete assessment of its processes, methodologies and capabilities.

Our Solution

​We proposed to audit both the management in their offices in UK as well as the development center in Chennai in India. What we proposed was to:

  • Assess the current development processes and tools in use and identify the pain points
  • Assess the organizational structure, which supports those processes;
  • Overall, pivot the whole company from a project-centric approach to a product-centric approach based on customer satisfaction.

At the end of the audits, we identified 3 main axis to work on and we made recommendations based on these axis. We also delivered an implementation plan to sequence the recommendation and maximize the ROI. Due to the specific nature of the development center in India, we did not recommend a full DevOps approach. We adapted our recommendation based on the processes and architecture already in place to limit the disruption and we address the obvious technical pain points while focusing the management of the ERP.


The duration of this audit was 2 weeks.


The audit was conducted by 3 consultants DevOps and Architecture.


  • Microsoft .Net
  • SQL Server
  • Team Foundation Server


  • DevOps ​
  • Agile Methodologies

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