3 March 2018

Application re-engineering- Media Company

Software Development

Création Application - Médias SERIAL

Company Description

The customer is the world’s foremost alliance of public service media organizations, with Members in 56 countries in Europe and beyond. Its mission is to defend the interests of public service media and to promote their indispensable contribution to modern society. It is the point of reference for industry knowledge and expertise.

The association operates Eurovision and Euroradio. Eurovision is the media industry’s premier distributor and producer of top quality live sport and news, as well as entertainment, culture and music content.

Business Challenges

The customer ​was using a home-made software to manage all the video transmission lifecycle from the resources booking up to billing. This application was build on a legacy architecture and the cost of new development become very expensive and risky.

In the past, it had invested in a costly project trying to rewrite the application. But it failed because of the business complexity and critically of the application. Indeed, this application is used to manage all the organization’s core business and must work perfectly 24/24 hours 7/7 days.

The challenge was to rewrite this application with modern architecture and introduce new features as easily scheduling transmissions.

Our Solution

Our actors took the lead to design the application UXD, architecture design and also to drive the agile methodology with the half of the team in Spain. ​

The software has been implemented with a Web Oriented Architecture and expose service with a REST API.  Apache Camel is used to make calls to external application more reliable and decoupled from business code.

Hazelcast, in-memory data grid, is used to share states between the different server nodes and to improve performance and allowing hot deployment. ​All the software lifecycle step has been fully automated from the integration continue up to go in production.


This project started in September 2013. The application was availabe in April 2016. The development of new functionalities is still ongoing.


The project was carried out by a team of:

  • ​1 Scrum Master
  • Up to 3 Fullstack Developets
  • 1 Technical Leader


  • Angular2 Front end and responsive design
  • JavaFx Client
  • Java with Hibernate, Spring  Apache Camel and Hazelcast
  • Devops with Docker deployment and Atlassian software factory

Contract Type

We were involved as part of a Time and Material Project.

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