28 November 2018

DevOps Audit – Industrial automation

Digital Factory

Automatisation industrielle IT

Company Description

The customer has been specialising in industrial automation since 1989.

Since 2010, the company has placed greater emphasis on developing internal software for its customers.

Business Challenges

The client wishes to provide high-quality software by improving their delivery model, following best practices and make it compliant with pharmaceutical regulatory requirements.

His primary drive wish is to improve its software delivery processes is to be able to provide their clients with quality software, compliant with the pharmaceutical regulation requirements without putting too much overhead on development teams

The client ​identifies its primary goals as follow:

  • Implement fluid software factory processes to deliver the best possible value to its primary client
  • Implement best practices allowing the delivery of validated pharmaceutical software
  • Implement a software factory that is also compatible with other projects

Our Solution

​We proposed to audit both the management as well as the development team. What we proposed was to:

  • Assess the organisational structure, which supports those processes
  • Assess the current development processes and tools in use and identify the pain points
  • Identify the key documents that need to be produced for pharmaceutical regulation compliance;

At the end of the audits, we identified 4 main axes to work on, and we made recommendations based on these axes. We also delivered an implementation plan to sequence the recommendation and maximise the ROI. We adapted our recommendation based on the processes and architecture already in place to limit the disruption while focusing on how to automate most of the documentation required by the pharmaceutical regulation.


The duration of this audit was one week.


The audit has been led by 2 consultants DevOps


  • Java
  • Angular
  • Git
  • Bitbucket
  • Gherkin


  • DevOps ​
  • Agile Methodologies ​
  • BDD

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