13 November 2018

DevOps continuous delivery – Public Administration in Geneva

Digital Factory

Public Administration Geneva IT

Company Description

The client is a public administration in Geneva that aims to make the canton an important actor in the transformation of society, driven by the digital boom.

Business Challenges

The client ​wishes to improve deployment stability, security and duration without manual intervention while reducing drastically time spent on non-value-added operations. ​  ​

The primary goal of the client is to automate all tasks related to application deployments for multiple platforms. Deployments should be included within a continuous delivery process, and users must be trained to new tools and methodologies.

Our Solution

​We implemented for the operation department Ansible deployment scripts able to deploy multiple technologies on Linux, Windows and AIX platforms. Deployment configuration resides as a YAML file within the project’s codebase managed by Git and co-owned with the developers. ​

Deployment orchestration is done by a continuous delivery tool (GoCD) and is configured as YAML files. ​

We proposed training to the whole department in order to master the new tools (GoCD, Ansible, YAML, Git) and ways of working in collaboration with developers. We also supported the implementation on numerous projects. At the end of the contract, more than 40 applications deployments were fully automated and used frequently.


The implementation of this project took 25 weeks.


This project has been led by 2 DevOps consultants


  • Ansible
  • YAML
  • GoCD
  • Git
  • Gitlab


  • DevOps ​
  • Agile

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