4 May 2018

e-banking portal – Swiss private banking

Software Development

e-banking private bank Switzerland

Company Description

In just half a century, our client has become a highly successful company, bringing together ethical and cultural qualities to achieve this. Today, this subtle combination enables it to count itself among the most important players in international wealth management.

Business Challenges

The client ​intended to modernize his e-banking platform by providing their clients a refreshed highly interactive solution allowing them to perform tasks like consultation, messaging, transaction and more. Not only the challenge was to offer a new user friendly experience allowing users to access all their portfolios in a single place regardless of the subsidiaries and systems they’re booked on, one of the main challenge was to offer an highly secured and reliable system capable of handling a large number of transactions.

Our Solution

​​We implemented a Web platform based on a Web Oriented Architecture. The solution includes a REST Business Object Backend reusable by any other bank applications, a REST Frontend service which consumes the Business Object Backend and formats the data in a way the HTML / Javascript Frontend expects it. ​Segregated network architecture and security protocols directly integrated into all the different layers have been implemented in order to prevent vulnerabilities. ​The platform built is highly available thanks to the use of stateless services and Disaster Recovery environments.


The duration of this project was 3.5 years.


  • 1 ​Scrum Master
  • ​1 Project Manager / Tehnical Leader
  • ​Up to 4 developers (2 Backend, 2 Frontend)


  • Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Knockout, Bootstrap
  • Backend: .Net WebAPI, Entity Framework
  • SQL Server

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