20 May 2018

eClasseur – Swiss public institution

Software Development

eclasseur institution publique IT

Company Description

Our client is a public law institution subordinate to the State to guarantee the prevention, relief and insurance against the fires and the natural elements in the Canton. 

​ ​Business Challenges

In order to consolidate, provide and share the latest documents released by the AEAI about norms and regulations, our client is intending to provide a multichannel application for internal use in the first place and then for external use. The expected solution is to provide indexed search and access over a large set of documents updated on a regular basis to users through a web application, mobile apps for Android and iOS devices and Windows 10 App.

Our solution

​The team provided a technical solution integrating loosely coupled tools interacting through APIs. ​A SharePoint library hosting the original set of documents is regularly updated by its administrator. Through its API a synchronization process reviews, indexes and copy all the newly identified documents on a separate server.

​These files are immediately exposed to all front ends through a REST API. The web site application is a custom MVC application exposing additional features than the mobile devices application built with Cordova for Android, iOS and Windows 10. ​

However they all rely on the same API that exposes all the services and ensure security policy along with an AD LDS underlying service for the authentication mechanism.


This project lasted 8 months


  • ​1 project leader / Technical Leader
  • Up to 3 developers


  • .NET Web API 2
  • Cordova for Android, iOS and Windows 10
  • .NET MVC for website
  • SharePoint 2013 for document management
  • Atlassian tools, Git

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