3 April 2018

IoT and data management – Swiss engineering company

Software Development

Drone IoT Suisse SERIAL

Company description

The client is a Swiss company, founded in 2014 by a team of experienced software developers and operations managers who have a passion for flying UAV’s.

The company has been supporting the commercial UAV industry since its inception and now serves thousands of UAV operators of all sizes with their scalable solutions.

Business Challenges

​​Large Drones operators companies need the possibility to collect flight data via an automatic process to avoid manual entry, and auto-detect key data like drone identifier, battery, payload. ​Goal is to keep much data as possible related to a drone flight; to be able to correlate and analyse relevant information during processing.

Our Solution

  • Help designing standard format for manufacturer of Drone industry to provide post-flight telemetry data, and Live telemetry stream based on MQTT.
  • Implementation of flight data transfer from drone ground station to cloud services. ​ ​
  • Flight data analysis process during import  based on log data and external information: aircraft, battery & payload auto-detection, weather data addition, risk analysis,…etc


This project lasted 6 months.


  • ​Architect
  • Full-stack developper
  • Data analyst


  • ​Amazon
  • AWS
  • MQTT
  • JSON
  • REST
  • PHP

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