9 July 2019

SAFe Methodology – Swiss insurance company

Software Development

Methodologie SAFe Assurance use case SERIAL

Company Description

Created in 1826 at Bern, the client is the oldest insurance company in Switzerland. Settled in Bern, Nyon and Zurich, it is an all-insurance company operating exclusively in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. With a market share of over 29%, it is the leader in the personal property insurance market.

Business Challenges

With more than 500 software engineers,the client has a great experience in software development and levers SAFe methodology to adapt their methods to the digital transformation. To support the ever-growing need to deliver more features and functionalities, this insurance company requested Positive Thinking Company, through its subsidiary SERIAL based in Switzerland, to setup a dedicated development team to deliver code in reliable manner and deterministic time.

​Our Solution

​For over 2 years, a 6 people development team has been working for our customer. Through high speed connection and VPN technologies, they work directly on the company internal systems. They are fully integrated with our customer’s teams and they deliver Spring and Angular solutions, which integrate to the internal applications.

As an extension of their development capacity, our team participates to all steps of the SAFe methodology. From the user stories definition to the implementation of BDD tests using Gherkin and Cucumber, our team is totally committed in providing high quality applications.


The implementation of this project took more than 1000 man-days.


The project was carried out by a total of 6 consultants including:

  • ​A pizza team including a technical leader and 5 developers
  • 5 ​developers


  • Spring/J2EE
  • Angular
  • Cucumber
  • Sonar
  • Atlassian JIRA
  • JetBrains TeamCity


  • ​Agile Scrum
  • SAFe

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