14 September 2018

Web & mobile application – Software developer

Software Development

application web et mobile editeur de logiciel IT

Company Description

Our client develops and sells enterprise-grade software solutions to help its customers make a change in the way they use and manage their assets in an ever more challenging and hybrid IT world.Built upon 40 years of expertise, our client’s offerings, enable customers to optimize their IT resources whether on mainframe or open systems and reduce further their operating costs thanks to a flexible and breakthrough licensing model.

Business Challenges

Our client ​was selling an old web application based on java/JSP technologies. In order to modernize their image and provide a better service to their clients they needed a new web application based on more recent technologies. They wanted to do so while maintaining their competitive advantage : low resource usage on mainframe infrastructure. ​Moreover, they had the idea of creating a metrology product in order to monitor zOS activity. ​

​The challenge was to rebuild existing app as well as creating a new one with recent technologies in an efficient way.

Our solution

​​We developed in collaboration with internal resources a new web application based on recent frameworks providing a rich user experience to Rour client’s customers. We built REST services which where responsible for interacting with the mainframe APIs allowing efficient access to clients files. ​Front-end Apps were created with brand new Angular framework.

The metrology app was a fulfilled challenge that mixed modern browsers charts rendering using HTML5 canvas, and queries to the latest versions of ElasticSearch search engine, used in that case for its powerful aggregation capabilities.


  • ​Back end: 1 month
  • Front end: 11 months
  • ​All apps in production


  • ​2 web developers
  • 1 Java developer


  • Back end : Java/Apache
  • ElasticSearch
  • Single page application
  • Angular
  • HTML 5
  • CSS3
  • ChartJS

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