12 May 2018

Web & mobile application – Swiss watchmaker

Software Development

application web et mobile horloger suisse

Company Description

​Our client is a Swiss luxury watchmaker. The company and its subsidiary, manufacture, distribute and service wristwatches sold under its brand and subsidiary brands.  ​

Our Client is the largest single luxury watch brand, producing about 2,000 watches per day

​ ​Business Challenges

​Our client decided to migrate some of its internal applications based on the Adobe Flex framework to newer, web-based technologies.

​In total, there are 9 applications to completely rewrite from scratch in the short timespan of 2 months. The goal is to exactly match the features of the existing apps, although the UI and some features are to be revisited after consulting the users. ​

Among these applications, some of them are very similar both in terms of UI and features, which poses the challenge of code reuse while maintaining a good amount of flexibility, as the applications remain completely independent from each other, with potentially diverging needs in the future.

Our Solution

​Two important choices were made for this project:

1. ​Use of Redux to manage application state


  • Consistent behavior across all apps to make them more predictable and easier to maintain
  • Speed up development by writing reusable and generic business logic (i.e. CRUD operations)

2. Development of a custom Angular library


  • Centralization of shared, business logic agnostic components (table, date-picker, etc.)
  • Easy to maintain and to serve via NPM
  • Consistency across all apps
  • Higher quality components


This project lasted 14 months.


  • 3 developers


  • Front end: Angular 2, Redux, Bootstrap
  • Backend: Java, Spring, Maven, Weblogic

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